Via Kat Boogaard:

You have one team member who responds really well to constructive criticism, while another needs feedback phrased in a gentler way. You have one employee who prefers to communicate via email, while another thinks one-on-one chats are more productive. One of your direct reports is always jumping up to contribute to whatever conversation is at hand, while another is typically found hanging back and doing more listening than speaking.

Yes, your team is made up of a huge variety of personalities, preferences, and communication styles. But, you’re only one person, and you’re the one in charge of them all.

Needing to successfully oversee such an array of employees can easily have you spread a little thin. So, I connected with Andee Harris, Chief Engagement Officer at HighGround, to find out what managers can do to better lead a diverse team—without feeling like they’re being pulled in 18 different directions.

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Image: John  Santere