Forbes Coaches Council asked their members for tips on empowering employees, and the results are worth a read.

1. Stop Micromanaging 

Proper delegation is a win-win for everyone that will help your employees’ success and build trust. Proper delegation involves getting buy-in, commitment, and assessing capability and capacity. Show you have faith in employees by reducing the time you spend monitoring them while they work and implement organizational structures that encourage delegation of authority, responsibility and teamwork. – Lianne LynePLP Coaching, LLC 

2. Put The Ball In Their Court 

Empowering employees is truly about relinquishing the need to control and micromanage their behavior. An excellent way to do this is to simply put the ball in their court. Give them the primary responsibility for creating their outcomes. Show them how being accountable for their achievements translates to adding real value to the company, and how quickly the dividends can add up in their favor. – Karima Mariama-Arthur, Esq.WordSmithRapport 

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Image: Pexels