Entrepreneur looks at the importance of a “recruitment funnel” to turn  diversity into an actual practice, and not just a buzzword.

1. Change your recruitment funnel to enlarge your talent pool and eliminate implicit biases. Hiring managers typically look at skill sets alone when filling positions. Organizations need to begin assessing candidates through a different lens, by restructuring their recruitment funnel and prioritizing individual potential and talent.

Like a sales funnel, a recruitment funnel will continue to produce the same results if you never revise it. Consequently, if your company seems to be headed toward a nondiverse workforce, you’ll need to alter your hiring channels in order to get different kinds of people to walk through your door.

Consider posting jobs on sites that prioritize diversity, such as Jopwell or Diversity.com. Also change how you interview candidates, to eliminate implicit biases. Slack, for instance, replaced the standard whiteboard exercise in its engineering interviews with a skills test that identified expert code regardless of an individual’s background.

Once you’ve hired diverse talent, you can then work toward nurturing these individuals by fostering individual growth and creating a collaborative culture that allows employees to develop new skills and insights.

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Image: Pexels