Tech Republic looks at the numbers and the reasons why diversity has remained a significant challenge in the technology sector.

number of studies have touted the benefits of diversity from a problem-solving and innovation standpoint. There is also a financial incentive: If properly implemented, diversity efforts could net the IT industry an extra $400 billion in revenue each year, according to CompTIA.

“There are a number of job roles whose job output would be vastly superior and accessible to more customers if they were designed by times that were diverse in race, background, gender, use cases, and so on,” Peck said. “Products that are designed uniquely by one background may not have the potential to reach other customers, and that’s a loss to the company.”

However, many companies claim to have difficulties finding a pipeline of diverse talent.

“The natural tendency is to go for the low-hanging fruit, which is to ask your buddies if they know somebody who is looking for a job,” said Randolph Carnegie, managing director of Ken-Kor Consulting. “When you start bringing in minorities, you have to step outside your comfort zone to do the recruiting. You have to have a reason why you want to do this. And I think most people by default are looking for the fastest way to fill a slot.”

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