TIME magazine has a great article by legal experts on how organizations, especially small businesses, can handle harassment matters even if they don’t have an HR department.

1. Always, first and foremost, know that your immediate personal safety comes first. The local police should be alerted and involved, as needed.

2. Keep contemporaneous notes of any incident you feel may constitute sexual harassment and tell someone (close friend or family member) in real time about your experiences. A corroborating witness may be helpful later on.

3. Speak with an experienced employment attorney to understand your legal rights.

4. Identify the identity of your actual employer (whether the entity you think is your employer is in fact owned by a larger company, etc.) and determine with your experienced employment attorney whether there is anyone at the company (a supervisor or otherwise) who should be notified of the incident(s) before asserting a claim against the employer.

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Image: Pexels