Working Not Working has released the results of their annual reader survey top companies where creative professional would like full-time employment:

Below, we list the top 50 most popular companies out of the more than 600 receiving votes. But first, a bow to the royalty of this survey. Those whose names have graced the results all 4 years. You know who you are. And so should everyone else: 72andSunny, Airbnb, Apple, Barton F. Graf, BBDO, Buck, Disney, Droga5, Google, IDEO, Mother, NASA, Nike, Patagonia, Pentagram, Pixar, Sagmeister & Walsh, SpaceX, Tesla, and Wieden+Kennedy. Make sure to check out the 20142015, and 2016 results. We’d also like to quickly note that what our members possess in creative capacity they lack equally in spelling skills. One of the most popular companies was also the most consistently misspelled. Congratulations to Weden+Kennedy, Weiden+Kennedy, Widen+Kennedy, Wiede + Kennedy, plus Wieden-Kennedy for all making the list.

Next, a warm welcome to the following companies making the list for the first time: Amazon, Chandelier Creative, Collins, Everlane, Instagram, Mailchimp, MediaMonks, and Oddfellows. You’re about to become a lot more popular on the internet. We predict that soon “Amazon” and “Instagram” will become household names.

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Image: WNW