Younger workers are more likely to overlook bad reputations of companies, but they won’t stay long if they find the reputation is warranted.

A survey of 578 people conducted by HR media company HRO Today and global recruitment firm Cielo revealed that 73 percent of Millennial and Generation Z workers are willing to leave their current job for a position at a company with a bad reputation, compared to less than 60 percent of Generation X or Baby Boomer employees.

Overall, nearly all respondents across age groups said they would change jobs for an opportunity at an employer with a good reputation. But older workers are less likely to leave their job to join a company with a tarnished brand—62 percent of workers ages 35-44 said they would not change jobs in that case, followed by 59 percent of workers ages 45-54, and 52 percent of workers ages 55-64.

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Image: Pexels