A new survey of 28 top recruiters reveals the top trends in talent acquisition for 2018:

1. AI.

A lot of recruiters are limiting their approach to AI to “semantic analysis”—simply matching key words in job requirements to those in resumes, says Gilbert. But it can be used for much more. For instance, Korn Ferry’s own talent acquisition system, which it markets as well as uses internally, has “two layers of AI,” he says. First it studies a wide swath of current job holders—such as software engineers in New York—and “builds a neural network around what it is learning.” The system then examines variables about the position, seeking out “success factors” exemplified by effective hires, says Gilbert.

It’s important to understand that AI won’t replace human recruiters, at least anytime soon. Instead, business is witnessing the “re-invention of the human recruiter,” where he or she can concentrate on higher level functions, such as “compensation analysis, talent assessment, behavioral information,” while AI tools handle “a large portion of the administrative tasks,” Gilbert says.

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Image: Pexels