Artificial intelligence products and services in development are about to reshape the field of talent acquisition.

Finding and retaining talent

AI tools can potentially help companies identify hard-to-find candidates at scale, as well as correct gender and other biases in hiring, according to the Glassdoor report. HR teams that are faced with “resume overload” can also use these tools to more effectively identify needed skillsets.

“Many AI solutions today are affordable and easy-to-use, and we expect to see much broader adoption in recruiting and HR in 2018 and beyond,” Chamberlain wrote in the report.

As companies grow, it becomes more difficult to keep track of all of your talent, according to Guibert Englebienne, co-founder and CTO of IT and software provider Globant. AI products that list employee skills and test their engagement can democratize recognition for the value employees bring, he said.

“Using technology, we can overcome many of the limitations we have in an organization,” Englebienne said. “We can predict people who will leave the company before that happens, and we can predict their performance before that evaluation happens.”

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Image: Pexels