We handcraft solutions.

Huntbridge is meticulous and motivated each time we take on a new search.  We deliver high-touch service that seamlessly aligns with your priorities.

We understand our clients.

We understand that perfect hires result from a unique combination of competencies and character. Huntbridge takes the time to learn your business, industry and culture. We’ll go to market with in-depth understanding of the talent you need for short- and long-term success.

We do original research.

We find the best and freshest talent for our clients. Yes, we have an extensive database of professionals whom we’ve vetted as top talent.  But, we also dig deeper. We’ll target the lynchpins in the ranks of your competitors. We’ll discover emerging talent with next-generation expertise. We present diverse slates of candidates that showcase the variety of talent in the marketplace.

We’re experts at selection.

We evaluate candidates with the Huntbridge RS™ screening methodology to ensure that each one presented matches your skill, scope and culture requirements.

We’ve also designed a best-in-class process for onsite evaluations of final candidates. Many of our clients realize that the traditional one-on-one interviews with a series of stakeholders yield a collection of impressions and opinions rather than robust, accurate information for hiring decisions.

The Huntbridge RS™ evaluation method combines the best of behavioral interviewing, interactive team-fit assessments, live-action skill demonstrations and assessments – all customized for your hiring goals.

We get results.

The largest, big-name global search firms fail to fill about 30% of their searches. That’s after collecting $100,000 or more in initial fees.