Recruiting the talent needed to fuel fast-growing, high-performing, innovative cultures can overwhelm teams. Huntbridge can help while keeping costs low and candidate quality high.

Talent Acquisition Resources

Huntbridge augments internal recruiting teams during peaks in demand.

When your team is under pressure to make hires more quickly than your internal team’s capacity, our contingent resources are a cost-effective solution.

We can dedicate a project team to staff a new facility. We offer contract recruiters to take on requisition overflow from in-house recruiters. We can provide behind-the-scenes support and fill pipelines with fully qualified, prescreened prospects. Whatever your hiring demands, Huntbridge has a flexible solution.

Talent Acquisition Consulting

Huntbridge has the expertise to help you improve your talent acquisition results.

We don’t sell out-of-the-box solutions or software. We partner with you to identify innovative approaches, technology enhancements, process improvements or additional team capacity that will drive measurable results.

Function Audit

Huntbridge can help you assess strengths and opportunities for improvement.

We’ll evaluate the effectiveness of each phase of your recruiting cycle. The results will help you identify needs and set priorities for improvement in process, technology, communications, and recruiting team capabilities. Then, we’ll partner with you to craft business-case rationale for change and investment.


Huntbidge works with you to prepare strategic and operational plans.

Starting with data and analytics, we’ll make sure you’re fully versed on best practices, emerging trends, and the competitive landscape. You’ll have a crystal-clear vision of what’s next – outcomes, costs, risks, action plans, and measurements of success. We’ll coach you as you prepare for the big meeting – the one where your presentation leaves all impressed and you with what you need to succeed.

Hiring Manager Activation

Huntbridge can help you build and leverage high-impact and mutually-respectful relationships with hiring managers.

We help speed searches and clarify roles and expectations, so each hiring manager shares responsibility for attracting and closing the best talent. Solutions may include contracting with hiring managers, setting service-level agreements, developing effective communication strategies, and using data to track responsiveness and contribution. We can also train hiring managers on how to activate their networks for sourcing, prepare for and conduct effective interviews, provide substantive feedback during evaluation, and sell a candidate and close an offer without paying too much.

Team Effectiveness

Huntbridge will help you assess your team effectiveness and craft solutions for not only improving results but for increasing engagement.

We’ve seen engagement scores double – and that means you motivate and retain your best talent. We do this through team activation workshops to cement relationships, norms, and agreements among team members and set near-term and long-term goals. We also provide recruiting team design for the right mix of team roles and talent that’s both cost-effective and productivity-enhancing. We can review your effectiveness in using vendors, contractors, and search/contingency firms for maximum results for the money.

We can review your compensation plans so they attract, retain, and motivate through incentives aligned with results, including non-monetary attractors that increase engagement without increasing the salary line.

Career Development

Huntbridge can help you craft career paths, development milestones, and training opportunities to keep your recruiting team sharp and engaged.

Recruiters are in high demand. The best are hard to find, harder to keep, especially without  career development. This means opportunities for promotion, advancement, and keeping skills current.

Talent Acquisition Search

Huntbridge can help you find the best and brightest in talent acquisition.

Today’s talent acquisition executives add far more value than recruiting managers of the past. They are game-changers in workforce planning; they build relationships at every level of the business to understand current and future talent needs. They craft candidate experiences and marketing campaigns that enhance employment brands. And they manage large, often global, teams, budgets and processes that guarantee the best hires are made as quickly and cost-efficiently as possible. We can assist you in finding the best fit at the best price.