Cara Zhuang serves as Associate, Research & Client Development at Huntbridge. She is a recent graduate from the University of Vermont and holds BAs in Art History and Anthropology.

As an undergraduate, Cara worked as both a Research Assistant and Independent Researcher at her university’s Department of Anthropology. Her research was focused on elderly communities in Shanghai, China and she spent the summer of 2016 in Shanghai conducting fieldwork on urban-dwelling senior citizens. From 2015 to 2016, she also acted as President of the University of Vermont Anthropology Club, leading student trips to academic conferences around the country and organizing service efforts around the community. Cara also spent her undergraduate years writing for the arts section of the Vermont Cynic, the award-winning student newspaper of the University of Vermont. Her interest in art and culture intersects her passion for improving diversity in the arts and media and she hopes to eventually establish an academic career in global contemporary art.

Cara credits her dynamic Liberal Arts background to her ability to adapt quickly, think critically, and communicate effectively. Although new to the world of executive search and business development, she looks forward to utilizing her love of problem solving and helping others while at Huntbridge.

Contact Cara:

Office: 202-248-5066
Mobile: 561-568-4780